Virginia Gambling Sites

Those interested in the Virginia gambling sites will find that there are many available, and players can take advantage of these to varying degrees. If you are looking for a way to gamble in Virginia without having to hunt down one of the distant card rooms or casinos, you may do so through online gambling sites accepting residents of Virginia. You will also find that there are many online sportsbooks offering many of the same betting options that could be found in a sportsbook in Las Vegas. Virginia gamblers will find that these gambling sites provide players with a number of different options, all to give their convenience to players who would seek it.

Reality Of Virginia Gambling Laws
When we came to the industry of online gambling in Virginia, we found that there were many options available. The problem with these options is that no laws have been written regarding the Virginia gambling sites. As such, there are many people under the impression that you will be arrested in the event that you gamble online. We have found that this has made the legality of Virginia online gambling sites a touchy subject. Legislators have not come to the issue, so it is not very easy to accurately determine whether or not this form of gambling is legal. If you really need to find out whether or not you can get in trouble, we suggest consulting a lawyer. Everything found on this site is here because it accepts Virginia residents.
Virginia Gambling Laws
The Virginia gambling laws are fairly diverse. Most of these laws pertain to what is legal and what is illegal in the state. They cover illegal lotteries primarily, but also charitable gambling and how it may take place. We have found that there is nothing related to Internet gambling in the Commonwealth's laws. This does not mean that these games are authorized, nor does it mean that these games are legal.The Virginia state statutes are all available online, and they can be easily accessed and read. If you peruse the state's laws, you will not be able to find anything related to online gambling, so we recommend that you contact a lawyer if you want to determine the laws regarding Virginia online gambling.
Types Of Legal Gambling Sites Accepting Virginia Residents
There are several types of online gambling awaiting players through the Virginia accepted online gambling sites. These gambling sites range from casinos to sportsbooks, with the occasional poker room thrown into the mix. We have tested and reviewed many of these gambling sites in order to provide players with an accurate overlay of what they will find in these gambling sites. Provided you play by the rules, don't attempt to cheat the gambling site, and play within your limits, we do not see you having a bad time.
Legal Virginia Sports Betting Sites
For those who like to play the odds on sporting events, we have multiple sports betting sites which will allow you to do just that. Online sports betting has made an otherwise impossible industry very easy to access. These sportsbooks take odds from all over the world in order to provide players with a gaming experience that is tailored to their interests. You can bet on any sport from around the world, but only those that you want to bet on need be used.
Bovada Sports - 100% To $250 Bonus To Wager On Redskins
Bovada SportsbookFinding the Bovada sportsbook has become one of the best choices we made. Bovada provides their players with one of the largest books online. Their sportsbook offers over 15 different events, each of which can be bet on on a professional and amateur basis. Collegiate sports are also included. The NFL is their largest event. You will find that they offer a 100% to $250 deposit bonus, which can be used to collect as much money as you can afford to deposit. We recommend Bovada as one of the best sportsbooks online, and we suggest that you stick to this one if you want the best possible experience.
Best Sports Betting Sites For Virginia Residents
Online Sportsbooks Bonuses Top Sports To Wager Visit
Bovada Sportsbook 100% Match To $250 NFL, College Football VISIT
BetOnline Sportsbook 50% To $2,500 NFL, MLB, MMA, NHL VISIT
SportsBetting Sportsbook 75% To $1,000 Match NFL, College Basketball VISIT
5Dimes Sportsbook 50% To $520 Match College Sports, NBA, MLB VISIT
Virginia Legal Casino Sites
Online casinos were the main type of gambling site we had looked into when creating this site surrounding the Virginia gambling sites. These online casinos carry the same games that you would expect to find in the Bellagio or Caesars Palace. These casinos have no short supply of games and promotions, all to provide their players with as many advantages as possible. While you will not have the social interactions that you would find at a live casino, you will still be able to have some serious fun through these casinos. These are the most popular of the different types of online gambling site.
Lucky Red - Recommended Online Casino For Virginia Players
Lucky Red CasinoLucky Red Casino was one of the first casinos we had visited in order to bring our readers a level of casino gaming that would typically only be found in Las Vegas. Lucky Red has used the RTG casino software in order to give their players the best experience possible. Having done so, Lucky Red offers over 100 games that have been designed at the height of graphical power. They offer a 400% match to $4,000, which is one of the biggest bonuses online. Their bonus is activated with the promo code LUCKYRED400. Lucky Red gives their players some of the highest payouts of any game, all to give their players easy access to the games. If you join up with Lucky Red, you will invariably be met by one of the leading casino gaming experiences on the Internet.
Best Online Casinos For Virginia Residents
Online Casinos Deposit Bonuses Bonus Codes Software Visit
Lucky Red Slots Bonus: 400% - $4,000 LUCKYRED400 RTG VISIT
Club World Slots Bonus: 100% - $777 BIGSLOT RTG VISIT
Aladdin's Gold Slots Bonus: 200% - $2,000 No Code Needed RTG VISIT
Bovada Casino Slots Bonus: 100% - $500 (4x) SLOTS500 RTG VISIT
High Noon Slots Bonus: 200% - $2,000 HIGHNOON100 RTG VISIT Slots Bonus: 200% - $1,000 HELLOSLOTS200 RTG VISIT
Las Vegas USA Slots Bonus: 400% - $10,000 400BONUS RTG VISIT
BetOnline Slots Bonus: 100% - $1,000 SLOTS100 RTG VISIT
All Star Slots Slots Bonus: 100% - $787 ALLSTAR1 RTG VISIT
SportsBetting Slots Bonus: 100% - $1,000 100SLOTS RTG VISIT
Manhattan Slots Slots Bonus: 100% - $747 (2x) No Code Needed RTG VISIT
Legal Virginia Poker Sites
When it comes to online poker, we do not have many nice things to say. The games just don't seem as fair and legit as live poker games. Furthermore, the lack of social activity is sometimes boring. If you want to play online poker any way, we do have a few online poker rooms we recommend. We have tested them extensively to determine whether or not the games are fair, and we have come to the conclusion that they are. Your money is safe, provided you have the ability to play a solid hand of poker, through our Virginia gambling sites.
BetOnline - New Virginia Players Get 75% Bonus Good To $1,000
Online poker at BetOnline is one of the best possible experiences around. If you join BetOnline's poker room you will immediately see their quality. Bovada provides their players with a 75% match bonus to $1,000 on the first deposit. BetOnline has tables for both cash games and tournaments. They provide their players with varying stakes, covering low and high. Their tables are running around the clock, and accessing the real money games is as easy as using a VISA, or sending a wire transfer.
Best Online Poker Sites For Virginia Residents
Online Poker Rooms Deposit Bonuses Average Traffic Visit
BetOnline Poker 200% Match Good To $1,000 8,000+ Players VISIT
SportsBetting Poker 200% Match Good To $1,000 8,000+ Players VISIT
Virginia Gambling FAQ

How old do I have to be to use Virginia online gambling sites?

The legal gambling age in Virginia is 18 which is applicable to online gambling as well, in fact, these sports betting sites will not allow Virginia residents under 18 to even sign up.

Are online gambling sites legit?

After much deliberation, we've decided to promote these particular Virginia gaming websites because they have been around for quite a long time serving the American public specifically. They all offer safe and secure deposit and withdrawal transactions as well as exceptional customer service all while boasting rave reviews from millions of users all across the globe.

How can I deposit funds to an online gambling site?

The methods for depositing funds are nearly universal among the different gambling sites. You may use a major credit card such as Visa or MasterCard or you may opt to use a money order, bank wire transfer, or send a check by courier. Some sites will require additional information to verify your identity.

When do payouts generally occur?

Payouts are processed on demand. The method that you choose to withdraw your money and the location of the site itself will determine the amount of time you have to wait. It can be as fast as a couple of days or as long as two weeks. The withdrawal process is usually identical to the deposit process, however American users and Virginia residents alike, will not be able to use credit/debit cards for receiving funds due to our own federal laws.

Will I have to pay taxes on my winnings?

Although you will not be taxed directly by the site or any other governing entity, as is the case with all earning in the United States, citizens are expected to report their income, including winnings from gambling. When you file your annual tax returns, you are indeed supposed to report what you have won and a specific field exists in your paperwork to do so.

Where are these gambling sites located if they are not legally able to operate in the U.S.?

Most reputable online gambling sites operate from within the borders of Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe, Costa Rica or Argentina. The particular sites listed on our page are designed and dedicated to American users despite being located elsewhere. All of the nations listed above do indeed regulate online gambling and users can rest assured that their funds and information are kept safe by the governing powers that be for each online gambling site.

What happens if I run into trouble with an online gambling site?

If using reputable sites, this should never be an issue. But, if you find yourself dealing with a questionable online gambling site whom you feel has mistreated you, you may contact their licensing agency and also the gambling and gaming authorities of their country of origin. Just because they are outside of U.S. law does not mean that they are outside of their own laws and action is typically swift form local governing authorities which makes such cases rare.

NOTE - We strongly suggest you consult an attorney or reference the gambling laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia. The information listed here is solely the product of personal experience and first hand accounts of what it's like when gambling at legal online gambling sites that take Virginia residents.


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